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Our mission is to connect to young, fashion conscious individuals through a premium brand experience featuring the best selection of authentic, sport inspired products. We define this premium experience through our product, our presentation, and our people.

We offer the best selection of premium brands and styles—delivering a relevant product assortment that connects with our customers’ dynamic lifestyle. This premium experience, for our consumers, is driven by quality and not price. Our assortment is focused on everyday sport footwear (products that are made for sport but primarily worn for fashion or every day use), but we also carry the best performance and athletic casual footwear in the mall and online. We compliment this best-in-class footwear selection with the right mix of premium apparel and accessories.


We create a premium presentation in-store and online by telling fresh, compelling stories about the brands, categories and styles we carry. By creating an engaging environment, we help the customer easily navigate through our great selection and find the product that is right for them. Our presentation is clean, well organized and highlights key products that attract the attention of mall and web shoppers.


The key to creating a premium experience is our people. Our focus is to hire people who are passionate about sneakers, sports and servicing customers. Associates who maintain or exceed our standards of excellence help bring our brand to life in-store and online.

We are not here just to sell more athletic shoes. We believe that a new pair of sneakers can change a person’s – day, week, month or year. We can change a person’s outlook on life with the right pair of sneakers.

7 Ways to Make Your Jordan Shoes Last Longer

Walking or jogging is great for your health but is hard on your jordan shoes. The wear-and-tear is just unavoidable as your shoes have to face the mud, dusty roads and so on. Some simple ways to maintain your Jordan Shoes can get out the basic stains and keep your jordan shoes looking fresh even when they are used daily.

Here are 7 ways to make your Jordan Shoes last longer.

1) Use a small sized brush or a used toothbrush to wipe away the dust that is visible on the surface. Rub the brush in a way that the surface is cleaned without harming the fabric or the upper material of your shoes.

2) Mix soap or a mild detergent with warm water and use a cleaning cloth to clean away those stubborn stains on the shoes.

3) Rinse the cloth in warm water and apply to the same area to remove the soap.

4) Leave the shoes to dry. You can place paper napkins or newspaper on and inside the shoes to soak up the excessive water.

5) Depending on the condition and look the laces, you can either wash your existing shoelace or replace it.

6) Let your insoles breathe. Remove the shoe insole while cleaning them to get rid of the foul smell. In case of extreme odour, you can sprinkle on baking soda to make them odour-free.

7) You must clean your jordan shoes at regular intervals. If the stains are not cleaned for a longer time, they tend to enter the fabric of your shoes causing an irreparable damage to your shoes.

While you are cleaning your Jordan Shoes, you must also take these points into consideration.

1. Never wash your shoes in a washing machine as it can damage the fabric of your shoes.

2. Never use a hair dryer or any other heating device to dry your shoes as it ruins the original shape and form of your shoes.

3. Never use harsh cleaning products like bleach to clean your shoes.


By CheapJordansNK

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